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Updated: May 5, 2022

We are excited about our upcoming Yamuna Body Rolling Retreat in Umbria. We have doubled the length of the retreat, due to popular request! The first three days will be filled with a variety of classes designed to get you feeling and looking your best. The next three days will begin with a morning Yamuna Total Body Workout followed by an adventure designed just for you by the Fabulous Raquel Rosario. At the end of this retreat your entire being will feel relaxed and refreshed.

The retreat will be held at a new venue, the Hotel Relais Paradiso, charmingly situated in the rolling hills in the heart of Umbria. The new location is a beautiful, centuries-old building designed with luxury and comfort in mind. There is an elevator to take you to your rooms, or you can choose to take the original stairs if you're feeling spunky. There is a piano bar and library on the ground floor.

The swimming pool is easily accessible; in fact it is adjacent to the hotel. Classes will be held outside, so you could go for a dip immediately after your class.

The full service spa will be offering a variety of holistic treatments, and is located inside the main building. The retreat schedule allows plenty of free time for clients to enjoy a facial or massage in the afternoons.

Olive trees surround the property, and in fact Hotel Relais Paradiso produces their very own high-quality olive oil from their orchards as well as wine from their vineyards. They also have their own vegetable garden!

The first three days, we'll be offering three different Yamuna Body Rolling classes daily, including Yamuna Face Ball classes and Yamuna Foot Fitness. You'll be given ample time to rest after lunch with enough time for a spa treatment, dip in the pool, or just a delicious nap. There will be a relaxing class in the late afternoon to help you wind down, followed by apperitivo and dinner.

We're thrilled to offer Yamuna Body Rolling classes in all modalities now. We will be offering Yamuna Face Ball classes, Yamuna Foot Fitness, as well as Total Body Workouts and breath work. You are going to feel on top of the world!

As the dates are nearing, Raquel has some truly memorable adventures planned for us. The town of Deruta is famous for their exquisitely decorated ceramics, with designs that date back to medieval times. Raquel has arranged a workshop for us all, where we'll be able to try our hand at decorating our own ceramic pieces. I can't wait for this one!

So many of the hill towns in Umbria are of medieval origin (actually, before that, the Etruscans). The people of Umbria are proud of their heritage, and keep the customs alive by re-creating what life was like back then. So, Raquel will be taking us to Orvieto, where we'll enjoy an actual medieval tasting lunch. Have you ever wondered what they used to eat during medieval times? I know I have, and we're really looking forward to that! We'll also be visiting ancient caves where Saint Patrick's well is located.

On our last day, we'll be visiting Spoleto, famous for their music and dance festivals. The center of the town is a UNESCO site, a world heritage honor, and definitely worth seeing. Our final dinner will be in Gualdo Cattaneo, the local town near our retreat location.

Hopefully, after the retreat, you'll be able to visit some other parts of Italy, since you are already there. There are so many enchanting places to visit; Florence, Venice, Rome, the Amafi Coast, or even Sicily, a short flight from Rome.

And, just for fun, here's some more pictures of Hotel Paradiso Relais. The middle picture is the original floor; kinda looks like something M.C. Escher would have dreamt up. I just love the bathrooms too; the tile detail. Makes me want to jump into a nice relaxing bubble bath!

Looking forward to seeing you in Italy this June. Ciao for now.


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