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What to expect in a Yamuna class

Yamuna Body Rolling is a revolutionary practice created to release muscle tension, create space in your joints and prevent injury. We address your needs through a guided session in either a group setting or private instruction.  


For group sessions, use the scheduler below.  Note: Due to current Covid-19, all classes are conducted online.

Unwind and release tension in a fun and relaxing environment in a guided session led by our experienced instructors. Balls are provided and are available for purchase so you can continue your practice at home. 



  • Wear snug-fitting, comfortable clothing such as yoga-wear, T-shirts and tank tops

  • Do not wear baggy T-shirts or sweatpants as they can get caught up in the ball and impede movements


Private lessons are the perfect way to individualize and customize your Yamuna practice and make it ideal for your body and mind. They are great for working through an injury, learning proper structure and how to prevent injuries or simply creating a Yamuna routine that will perfectly match your particular needs. They are also great for beginners who would like to learn the basics and feel more confident attending group classes.  Private lessons can be set up as a one time class or on an on-going basis.

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