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What Yamuna Face Balls Can Do For You

Is your face starting to look tired? A little droopy? Are you stressed? Do you have sinus problems? Maybe TMJ? If you would like to see how you CAN change the way you look and feel, and don't want to read any further, just scroll down to the before and after pictures below.

I felt that my own face was going downhill fast, and thought that there was nothing I could do short of Botox and fillers to look better. And that is a route I didn't want to take. Too expensive and the effects tend to build up and look really un-natural.

Yamuna Face Balls took me on a personal journey to see how I could improve my face holistically. As a Yamuna Body Rolling Practitioner, I wanted to add to my additional certifications, which include Yamuna Foot Fitness with Foot Wakers and Foot Savers. I have seen the structural changes in feet that happen when a client begins practicing Foot Fitness, and thought it would be a nice addition to get certified in Yamuna Face Balls as well.

Not having really, really, really examined my own face in quite some time (only in the morning to put on make-up), I hadn't realized how much my face had dropped.......In the Yamuna Face Ball training, it forced me to take a long and objective look.......and I was NOT happy with what I was seeing.

The first thing I noticed after the first day of training was how smooth my forehead was. We had worked our foreheads with the ball in different directions thoroughly. So, right away, I knew there would never be a need for Botox ever again.

So many of my fellow Face Ball trainees were much younger than me. That only added to my insecurities. Plus, being younger, the results for those whipper-snappers are faster. Even after just one session. So, just know, that if you are 50 plus, it might take a bit more time. Just stick with it! If you're a youngster and just want to look better, know that your results will be almost instantaneous. Please note, I won't hate you for that.

The principle is the same for all of Yamuna's work, which is a focus on the bones. That's where we start. As we get older, the bones of our faces compress, and sort of get fused. We start by waking up these bones, getting them to move a little and respond. Just by working the bones, we can create more space in the face. (More room for your facial skin and muscles)

Almost all of us have had accidents from childhood and beyond, where we've received a blow to the head. Over time, scar tissue forms, the bones compress even more. We can give special attention to these areas. For example, maybe you fell as a child and hit yourself on the forehead near the eye. This could cause one side of your face around the eye socket to look smaller. We can help to open this up, creating a more even-looking face.

Aside from vanity, the health benefits of doing Yamuna Face Balls on a regular basis can include opening sinus congestion aiding in your breathing, easing tension in your jaw (so many of us hold tension there), eye strain and tension headaches.

After a Yamuna Face Ball session, you will look awake, refreshed and relaxed. The work itself is performed while laying on your back with your knees bent. There is something about connecting to the bones that sends a message to your nervous system which further relaxes you.

Also, as a retired dancer, I whole-heartedly believe in working muscles to keep them strong and toned. It hadn't really dawned on me that this could be done with the facial muscles as well. I decided to give it a try to enhance the results from the Yamuna Face Ball work. I started from the beginning following this wonderful woman from Australia, Peta, who had come up with a system of Facerobics. You can find her on Youtube - here's one of her videos: I followed her program diligently every week for months, and I'm still doing them. With my face, it seemed to take a long time to get results, but finally I can see results. It does take a while for the muscles to wake up. My jowls have been reduced, and I'm hoping that with more time I can reduce and tone them even more. The combination of Yamuna Face Balls, facial exercise and your own consistency and determination can give you dramatic results.

Okay, I've been reluctant to post my "before" picture, because I really look terrible in the first photo. Granted, I was pretty stressed when I took the first selfie. But in the "after" pictures that I took more recently after a Yamuna Face Ball sessions, I was really surprised to see the improvement. But, there is such a difference from the way I looked before compared to now, it's important to share it with you. Private sessions are available via Zoom, or join one of our Face Ball workshops. Would love to see you!


The photo on your left is October 2019, middle photo is from April 2020 and last photo is from May 2020. Please disregard mustache in the middle photo......lockdown related.

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1 Comment

Diane, Appreciate the Zoom sessions with the face ball rolling. I can already see a difference in my forehead. Looking forward to working on the lower part of my face. Your before and after pictures are amazing and I'm looking forward to seeing the same results soon. Thank you so much!

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