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September 17th through 22nd 2021

We are truly excited to be offering a retreat in Umbria this coming September. Our last retreat in 2019 was such fun we wanted to do it again. This time, it's going to be six full days. Three days of Yamuna Body Rolling intensive classes for the entire body, including the face and the feet (your foundation). The following three days will include a morning 1 1/2 hour Total Body Rolling class to get you prepared for a day of sightseeing among the medieval hill towns of Umbria and to enjoy some fabulous Umbrian meals and local wines, led by Raquel Rosario, our local guide and regional expert of A Taste of Umbria.

We are changing venues, and are so happy about the new one, Relais Paradiso Spa and Resort. We've visited them, seen the beautiful grounds, restaurant, spa and rooms and are thrilled to have chosen this very special resort and spa. The main building is a beautifully restored mansion from the 18th century with some original floors. The building itself is a work of art. There is even a resort "mascot", a HUGE Grand Pyrenees, a gentle giant that likes to take naps in the shade.


This resort is extremely accessible with an elevator to take you up to your room after a day of Yamuna Body Rolling, swimming, and enjoying the surrounding grounds.


In the main building, there is also a world-class spa. They have rooms for massages, facials, a jacuzzi, light therapy room, and sauna as well as a lounge with a view of the garden.


In the main building, you'll also find a sophisticated bar and lounge with piano.

Here, you can enjoy an aperitivo or taste some of their wine collection. Relais Paradiso also produces their own wines, both red and white. There is a library/reading room beautifully appointed with a comfortable seating area.


The rooms are all completely updated and furnished with your comfort in mind.

The bathrooms are all remodeled in the classic style with gorgeous tiles and are absolutely spotless.


You'll feel so peaceful being

in the Umbrian countryside. If you're feeling adventurous, they have bicycles for you to explore the charming roads framed by lush trees and wildflowers. You can stroll through the vineyards and olive orchards, and they even have a small vegetable garden on the grounds.

After three days of Yamuna Body Rolling classes, on site at Relais Paradiso, the next three days we'll have one body rolling class in the morning, and then off to explore some beautiful Umbrian hill towns, each one unique, led by Raquel Rosario, our tour guide and co-host of the retreat. You'll have an opportunity to enjoy authentic Umbrian food and wine, a little if you want. For more information on Umbria and sights to see, visit:

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