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How is a Yamuna Ball Different from a Tennis Ball for Relieving Muscle Tension?

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

Wow – we hear this question all the time. Before I became completely committed to Yamuna Body Rolling I was never without my trusty tennis ball. I even had a large size one as well in my dance bag that was rock-hard, (only available in pet stores). I used them all the time to help relieve muscle knots and pain…….and you know what? It didn’t really work for me, and certainly not with any lasting results. I guess it goes back to that old dancer’s mentality “no pain, no gain”. I was still continuously in pain, battling some sort of dance-related injury. It had reached the point where I was constantly nursing something! My hamstrings literally burned 24-hours a day, along with all the other aches and pains associated with trying to dance at my ripe old age.

When I first encountered someone using a Yamuna ball, I was pretty skeptical. Yeah, right, I thought. What can you do with that? It’s way to comfortable to do any good. But then, I thought about it a bit, Googled it, and then decided to at the very least give it a try. When I learned the “Body Logic” behind this concept I became even more interested. After trying it, and seeing the visible and tangible results, I was sold! I mean, after rolling out one leg and comparing it to the other leg – it was visibly longer!

Yamuna balls are specifically designed to work on your BONES. Yes, you heard it right – the bones! Just try doing that with a hard tennis ball. Yamuna’s balls allow you to sink your body weight right down into your bones. What this does is stimulate the bones, nourishing the bone tissue (therefore improving bone quality). That’s where your muscles are attached. So by using these balls to sink into the bones, you are addressing the muscle right at the get-go. Once you’ve stimulated the bones, you can then follow the muscle that you are working on from the beginning (tendons) all the way to the end of the muscle. It’s so logical; so simple. And the results are lasting. Once you’ve worked a muscle, the lengthening continues to process in your body. This is what gives you results. And it’s pretty painless. Yeah, you will encounter some sore or tight spots – just wait there and breath into it until you feel the muscle release.

From that point on, I was able to turn over my tennis balls to their rightful owners; the dogs!

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