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About YamunaLA

At YamunaLA, we specialize in restoring your body’s alignment, preventing injuries and healing existing injuries.


Every day, we are texting, sitting, typing and driving. Some of us enjoy our favorite sports.  Yamuna Body Rolling counteracts these modern-day stressors using balls to release and elongate muscles, joints, and tendons with a focus on bone stimulation.  It is a simple and effective method to improve mobility in your everyday life whether you are a high-powered athlete, participate in low-impact activities, or live a physically-limited lifestyle.


We strategically target muscles to create space in your joints using a variety of Yamuna Body Rolling balls. Each routine is individually tailored to you so you can enjoy all the benefits of Yamuna Body Rolling. 

Key Benefits

  • Improved posture

  • Improved alignment

  • Increased circulation

  • Reduced recovery times

  • Increased flexibility

  • Increased movement

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Cynthia Varner

The improvement in how I feel is way beyond my expectations. It’s hard to believe that only a few months of work could produce such results. Best of all, surgery is not necessary, and that is an enormous relief. I have been a big fan of Yamuna for a few years, but never imagined that it would have such a major effect on my life. It’s life changing!.

Anita Lee

To say the least, I feel transformed, and the progress continues. Yamuna Fitness has directly impacted my entire body--its alignment and functionality, in movement and at rest. Thank you so much Yamuna.

Juanita Flores

I understand that changes can be made to any part of the body at any age, yet the dramatic ones I have experienced by integrating the Yamuna Body Rolling into my life were beyond anything I could have imagined. It only took a few short months of consistent work to see very noticeable differences!


Yamuna Zake – Creator and founder of Yamuna Body Rolling

Yamuna Body Rolling was created 30 years ago by Yamuna Zake, a New York yoga teacher. After suffering a devastating hip injury, she tried numerous health care solutions, but none worked.  She developed Yamuna Body Rolling to heal her injuries, and pioneered a safe and effective alternative healing method to help others around the world.   


Yamuna Body Rolling’s basic principle is sustainability. Chronic pain and injury can happen any time in your life and can impede your day-to-day activities. In our sessions, we teach you body awareness so you can incorporate this into your everyday routine and continue doing what you love.

Diane Doban

Diane is the founder of YamunaLA. She has worked as a professional ballerina for over 30 years...
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Marilee Blaisdell

Merilee is the founder of Blaisdell Studios. She has been teaching dance, movement and fitness for over 30 years... Read more

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